Enobirroteca in Venice

Our beers on tap

When you enter H2NO, rest assured, you won’t want to leave!

The selection of beers we offer is so wide and of such high quality that you will want to taste them all.

We have been specially touring Europe for years to look for the best ones. Because for us, beer is not just a drink, but a passion that runs through our veins.

We like to discover new scents and tastes in Italy, in niche breweries, but alsoabroad at prestigious foreign producers, particularly in Belgium.

Sought-after beers, never snobby, with classic or original flavors.

We choose the beers, but it happens sometimes that they choose us because they perfectly espouse our philosophy: quality and taste.

The 7 draft beers in our offerings have one characteristic in common-they are all a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y craft!

We have 5 rotating and 2 fixed beers. To the latter, one redhead and one blonde, we gave a name: Amber and Kako.
In fact, they were specially made by a craft brewery for a special reason, namely to pay tribute to David and Mariangela’s parents!


We are fortunate to be in a prime location, in one of the most "popular" and lively areas of Venice. During warm weather there is nothing better than sitting at our tables and enjoying a good craft beer in the sun and cool weather. Try it to believe it!


We also have bottled beers, quiet. So as not to leave any palate disappointed we have over 60, and these are all artisanal as well.

At H2NO, there is no beer that doesn’t pair perfectly with one of our many cicchetti. And there is no shot that cannot be enjoyed while sipping the most suitable beer.


Hey, ma, do you know you can drink beer spritzer at our place? Yes, you got it right! We told you we are original, didn’t we?